Name: Batsirai Shasha 

Profession: Musician 

Born in Goromonzi on the 4th of March in the year 1996, Batsirai’s musical prowess was apparent at a tender age. His talent led him to the primary school choir and other musical clubs from the age of 8. He went on to become the Choir Director in his second year of high school, leading some senior students in various competitions. All this experience led him writing his own music and attending the college of Music at Midlands State University; where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music and gained vast experience and training on instruments and vocals.  

This prodigy has mastered the skills requisite to play and compose on the acoustic guitar, piano and the mbira. His compositions exudes a high level of maturity, and matches his exceptional vocals which are unique, unmatched and powerful .His music is a mix of contemporary afro-fusion and afro-jazz; he mostly sings about love, way of life (as influenced by his upbringing) as well as religious songs due to his strong Christian background. Batsirai draws much inspiration from his mother Florence, who has been instrumental in supporting him throughout his career and is currently acting as his manager. 

The band, which comprises of 6 members, performs at live events and is quite a sensation to watch while in action. Thus far, he has worked with the renowned Zimbabwean artists such Alexio Kawara, Diana Samkange, Andy Muridzo among others. These music collaborations have helped him to get airplay on various radio stations across the country. His recent song and video about Covid-19 has aired on the national television as it speaks volumes about this pandemic and is a source of hope and strength for many. He continues to work on releasing new music; some of which will be released soon, some at later dates. 

With the zeal and conviction Batsirai has exhibited, NOTHING will stand in his way as he seeks to conquer the world through music; all the while touching the hearts of many and spreading love, hope, and joy to all. 

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Youtube @ Batsirai Shasha Official 

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Phone# +263 77 320 7306